Various Artists - Niney Deepest Roots Of The Observer - Auralux
Until speaking to Dave Katz who compiled this excellent set, I was under the impression that Niney had very little of his catalogue out there. But that not being the case - just made me wonder when all this stuff came out. Anyways this is a very good example of how to put a set together - the big names are here. Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Horace Andy - but you also have tracks from the equally talented Tyrone Taylor, Leroy Smart, The Jewels and The Rockstones. It would be nice to think that somewhere along the way that sets from all these artists will be released. Reggae had to learn a very hard lesson in the seventies - V/A sets might sell but you need to invest in people - artists in order to reach the kind of markets others musics enjoy. Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Horace Andy would not have become big names from just having stuff released on various artists sets!!!