Ninjaman - Monster Of Dancehall - Greensleeves

Ninjaman seems like a lifetime ago - he and Zebra were the last DJ's to truly make me smile. Ninja's ranting, and rambling along with his stuttering - were over the top - but a good DJ always needs something - and he was never boring, he didn't jump on other styles, and he more less stuck with a set of themes - well more or less. His most outrageous tune 'Mississippi' (I Can See Arkansas) is thankfully included - featuring Capleton of all people - its a cover version - of a country tune!!! Its got to be heard to be believed! Produced by Junior Reid it was a shame it wasn't a hit, a chart hit. Ninjaman could have changed reggae history! Other big hits on this amazing collection include 'Border Clash' , 'Hollow Point Bad Boy', 'Hold Me' - with is famous line of "Like you hold a M16'" and 'Ting A Ling A School Pickney Sing Ting'.