Norrisman - Know The Road - Lustre Kings.

Good to see Norrisman finally getting around to releasing another great set - the 'Home And Away' set fro Byron Murray on Greensleeves seems such a long time ago now - but it was only 2006. So much as happened. At the time reggae's music future looked secure in the hands of artists like him. Norrisman wasn't up there with people like Chezidek - but he was getting close. His voice was good, and he knew how to write. If Greensleeves were still around as an independent - I'm sure that by now they would have released another album by him. Sadly they are not. However its good to see the Lustre Kings coming forward to fill the gap. And with the connections to Midnite it can only be hoped that the likes of Norrisman will end up working with them. In the meantime this is a great work - more sombre than 'Home And Away' serious music for serious times


Norrisman - Home & Away - Greensleeves - CD

Once upon a time Greensleeves released many many of these kind of albums - one solid vocal/dj/vocal group after another and then it stopped. The reasons for this are varied, the popularity of the various artists set was one factor, then along came the rhythm album- to be fair, it didn't stop, Greensleeves have released solo album some very good ones Ward 21 being the best example - but even they were more rooted (if that is the right word, in the dancehall style). This set, Norrisman's third album is the kind of thing that someone like Junjo or Linval Thompson would have produced back in the eighties. This set credits Byron Murray with Executive Production - eleven out of the 17 tracks come from him, and they are very good - excellent - its what reggae should be all about in 2006, great songs, great rhythms - very sincere. Thankfully the other productions fit very well into the other eleven tracks - a fantastic set.