Prince Malachi

Prince Malachi - One Perfect Love - Blackamix

Although Prince Malachi more or less started his career with Fatis, like Mikey General his roots are UK. Yet after one or two very good album Mr Xterminator - Malachi seem to drift off the radar. Enter Blackamix known and loved for his heavyweight steppers productions - its not a natural combination - but it works!!!! Production wise its of the same very high standard that Jah Shaka as applied to his Anglo/Jam productions. It sounds a lot like the Firehouse Crew on most of the tracks - but Blackamix is not Jah Shaka - so there are different upful musical vibes in there as well. Malachi brings that great voice and some great lyrics. So good to see UK producers and UK singers working like this - perhaps a long last a real reggae roots scene will emerge - nuff respect to all concerned.