Ranking Dread

Ranking Dread - Most Wanted - Greensleeves

Another DJ who was always on the verge of breaking into the big three or four was Ranking Dread - but then it didn't matter. All the big three represented was that everyone liked them. The rest were all as good, but were just in the wrong place. For instance it was news to me that Ranking Dread featured a lot on Lloydie Coxsone's Sound - inthe UK! But it should not be because so much was going on back then DJ Wise that it was very hard to keep up. This 12 track selection is magnificent featuring big hits from the Dread like 'Fattie Boom Boom' 'If Nanny Was Here' and these were big big hits. With a bit of luck the former could have been a national chart hit. Produced by Ranking Dread, and Junjo mainly at Channel One with some of the best musicians on the island.