Ranking Joe


Ranking Joe - World In Trouble - M Records.

Ryan Moore's work in dub as more or less concentrated on the early eighties style of the Roots Radics - big basslines and some serious heavy drum work. Ranking Joe on the other hand came in during the late Rockers era he could dj on those heavy Roots Radics style riddims, but he would sound better on Rockers riddims. Ryan Moore in his producers chair as got it right. He's put together some of the best Rockers heard from Jamaica for years , and the drummer is Style Scott!!! together with man like Skully Simms, Dean, Bobby Ellis, Chinna, Norman Grant. A fantastic line up of talent! For one of Ranking Joe's best albums.

Ranking Joe - Weakheart Fadeaway - Greensleeves CD

Ranking Joe is part of the late rockers crew of DJs. man like Lone Ranger - and General Echo. Although Joe as got great albums in most era's - this being one of his first, and also being unavailable for the longest time - makes it a very interesting set. Produced by Jo Jo Hookim at Channel One its got a cut of cut of Junior Byles - 'Fadeway' which is becomes 'Weakheart Fadeaway' the title track in the hands of Joe. A fantastic tune given some amazing DJ work. All the marks of a good deejay are her. The timing, the wit, all these things have stood the test of time for Ranking Joe. He was great then, and he's still great today!


Ranking Joe - Zion High - Blood & Fire - CD

Nothing never happens before its time, and fans of this man have waited a long time for his debut CD release. And its been well worth the wait, because this is one of his very best sets and rarest. Originally released in 1980 on (Ital/Nationwide) an alternative outlet for Dennis Brown who produced the album, and who is also featured on it, along with Black Uhuru. The Background to this set is amazing. Dennis Brown was probably at his very best, Black Uhuru certainly were. And Ranking Joe? Well Joe was touring the UK along with Jah Screw in 1980 with Ray Symbolic. The first ever Jamaican sound system to do that. It was a true reggae event. This set captures those vibes so well.