Ras Attitude - Holding Firm - Zion High Productions / Sound VIZion Records -

Another great singer from the Virgin Islands. Once again you can spend a lot of time trying to work out where the vocal style is coming from, sometimes it sounded like Dennis Brown - but after a while it was pointless like everything from those little set of Islands, its got its roots in Jamaica but its firmly original. The Production is excellent, and the songs are thoughtful and topical. Like the music from Midnite - and so many other great singers and players from the islands, all you keep thinking is when are they going to get a break? For example this is Ras Attitude third album - Third Album!!! - And if you asked most reggae fans they would not know the man, and yet this set is a classic. They say nothing ever happens before its time - but when it comes to reggae and the Virgin Islands its getting a bit ridiculous! Then again reggae as parked itself in that zone for too long, time to move on!!!