Ras Shiloh

Ras Shiloh - Only King Selassie - Greensleeves

Ras Shiloh as been on the point of breaking for many years - one of a group of talented singer/songwriters clearly influenced by the late and great Garnett Silk. He's came close to make a really great album a few times - but this year with Bobby Digital at the controls he did it - 'Coming Home' was more than just an a title - it meant a whole lot more to Ras Shiloh. And it took the man into that mystical premier league of top reggae artists. Now just a few months after that great album comes another one. This time its King Jammys at the controls. And its another great work. Full of cultural and reality lyrics - well arranged harmonies and the best rhythms that the Firehouse Crew can build. And when they are not present Jammy goes into the past and pulls out some old classic rhythms which Ras Shiloh in magnificent fashion makes his very own.


Ras Shiloh - Coming Home -VP The vocal and lyrical style of Garnett Silk, is the man's great legacy to reggae music. Its up there alongside, the Horace Andy style, and the Dennis Brown style. After Garnett's passing - a number of singers laid claim to the style, Garnett's brother Aaron Silk - set 'Bless I Oh Jah' for Culture Shock still ranks up there with Garnett, but little as been heard of him recently which is a shame. Likewise with Avaran, and Terry Linen. Ras Shiloh as trod on. His first couple of albums were good - but this one!!!! Bobby Digital's production is superb - and the singing and songwriter is magnificent. There are already some truly great albums released this year but this one just about tops them all. The reason for this could be Bobby's production's his works with Garnett were so good - he really did know how to get the best out of him. So hearing that voice and these kinda of lyrics again must have inspired him. Ras Shiloh is now out there, by all accounts he wants to tour and carry on this style, lets hope that this is true, because reggae music could do with such a great talent as his at this time.