Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus


Ras Michael & Sons Of Negus - A Weh Dem A Go Do Wid It - ROIR - CD

The music of Nyahbinghi is beyond time - it is the ancient heartbeat of reggae - it was heard in its creation - and thanks to Ras Michael and the Sons of Daughters of Negus - it can be heard now - loud and strong. Without doubt this is one of the strongest sets from the group in a long time. What makes it very special to me , is how they can take an old time Church Song 'All Things Bright & Beautiful' and make it sound even better - its always been an upful song - but this version must be one of the best ever. Not content with going forward once they do it again 'Haile Selassie Is The Chapel' once again a fanstastic song - but this one makes the most sense in a Rasta context. The title track is also a powerful reality song, just check out the graphics on the CD. Produced of course by Ras Michel and featuring people like Sly and Robbie, Robbie Lynn, Chinna, Dizzy Moore and Nambo - it takes the Nyahbinghi sound back to the forefront of the music.

(Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus) - Dadawah - Peace & Love - Trojan - 1975.

Although not credited as such on the album, this is the debut album from Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus. Produced by Lloyd Charmers, this four track set recorded at Federal Studios must be considered to be best albums in the Nyahbingi style of chanting and drumming. Lloyd Charmers production adds bass and drum, guitar, piano, organ, and horns but it's all done so well that you barely notice it. Over the years, the term roots as lost a lot of it's meaning, but this album is the real thing.