Reggae Vibes

Catch A Vibe - Reggae Geel - Impressions By Teacher and Mr.T

Photo Books on reggae music have been around for a long while. 'Babylon On A Thin Wire' was one of the first - way back in the mid-seventies. The idea is that you take a idea and let photos tell the story - rather than text. This book tells the story of the Reggae Geel one of the major reggae festival in Europe - which takes place in Belgium. And while the UK struggles to put on one festival about every twenty years. These people have been going for 30 years!!! So they do have something to celebrate!!! The book is packed with colour photos - really great photos. And is printed on high quality paper. Nice to see Mikey Dread - who this book is livicated too, and he's snapped taking a snap!!!The photos take in a wide selection of dancehall artists, roots artists - and everything in between. Lets hope they keep going for another 30 years. A great book. Please contact

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Ringo - Trouble Never Set Like Rain - Reggae-Vibes-Com 12"

Ringo came up when the DJ's ruled reggae music. When that happens - a few DJ's get well remembered while the bulk of them get forgotten, and yet all of them were of the same high standard. Just listen to this! A Channel One rhythm, mixed at King Tubbys by King Tubby. Ringo rides its with total ease - with lyrics to match. An excellent Barry York production and a great first release from the Reggae Vibes massive in Holland. Wish them all the very best with it.

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Reggae Dance Multimedia Blast Vol One

Reggae music is always trying to make itself more accessible, and is always failing. One example is new technology - it loves it, but will then screw it up by trying to make it work with old technology. Digital tunes on vinyl. The CD single should be major part of the reggae business, instead its look upon as a joke. Well if it, none of the other forms of music aren't laughing. Unless its on the way to the bank. The Reggae Vibes people aren't doing that, but they have released the first Multimedia Reggae CD. Which is packed with good stuff. And is all presented in a really excellent fashion. If you can't make out the text on the sleeve. Here is the contents. Albums Tracks, Singles, Megamixes, Reviews, Photos, Screensavers, Sound Systems Recocordings (Two!!!! C.90 tapes on one disc - this is magic, Sleeves, Hidden Bonus Tracks, Wallpaper and last but least The Reggae Vibes Radio show. And the cost. Well all this can by yours for wait for it TEN Euros.