Riddim 4 - Price £3.95 Like a good friend, you can't get to upset with the people at 'Riddim' for being a bit late - So you have caused your local newsagent some grief - by keep asking about if its in. They don't mind usually, as long as it turns up! So what is in this edition, well Father Elephant is for starters on the front cover as you can see. Tanya Stephens is as well, but people like Bongo Herman, Lutan Fyah and Ding Dong hold more interest for me. Its hard to get a reggae magazine together that appeals to everyone - but they are doing it. Pages and pages of reviews as well, which is very important for a music that gets so little coverage in print


Here we go again. Riddim 2 - good for you, what a magazine!!!! Its got something for everyone, including a letters page!!! With some great comments. Matthew Davis sums it up very well. Reggae always deserved something like this. Reggae Quarterly showed what could be done, but there are people out there now buying reggae who were not even born when the last edition of RQ came out. Riddim builds on all what was good about RQ and adds to it. A Free CD, which is another great selection. But just the line up of articles is unreal. Sean Paul, Warrior King, Anthony B, Gyptian, Shaggy, Bitty McLean, Niney, Bobby Digital. Voicemail. And of course Damian & Stephen Marley - on the cover. Voicemail would be better, but what can you say. Pages and Pages of reviews CDs and DVD. Excellent design and graphics. Its a shame that its not as easy as it should be to get hold of the mag, hopefully the Riddim People will work on this!!!



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Riddim - Magazine - 3.50 available from Borders.
Wow!!! Its been a long time coming - but its been wellworth the wait a massive reggae magazine 100 pages in full colour with a free CD. The fact that's it is published by a German publisher should be no surprise to long time readers of Small Axe - reggae as made a great impact all over the world. Yet this fantastic music as for years had to eat the crumbs of the musical cake, when it always deserved a slice. The team behind, and its look a pretty big one - understand this well, and have given reggae music a publication it can be truly proud of. They deserve all the support reggae fans worldwide can give them. Its up to us to make this a success!! So what do you get in the first 'English' edition. Jah Cure, Fantan Mojah, Gentleman, Garnett Silk, I Wayne, Burro Banton, Macka Diamond, Augustus Pablo, Don Corleon, Turbulance, Reggaeton in Puerto Rico, pages and pages of reviews. And probably the most bizarre article ever in a reggae music mag Taylor's the Undertakers!! Tell I lie, I just noticed something on Tony Matterhorn!

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Riddim CD #01

Well here it is, the free CD, and what a collection. Featuring front cover man Jah Cure, plus great tracks from Fantan Mojah, Lukie D, Luciano, Micheal Rose, Gentleman. The strangely named Choppa Chop sounds like another really good singer in the wings. While TOK with Pitbull - shows why they are highly thought of. This CD is a great cross selection of what reggae is all about in 2005, every strand of it is represented. You would buy a CD like this at full price to get it free with a magazine as good as Riddim - is tremendous.