Roland Burrell

Roland Burrell - Reggae Chronicles - Pickwick

The Rolands - 'Stormy Night' set produced by Tanka was a highly sort after album back in the early eighties. It may have only been pressed once - because not long after the album came out Tanka died. Coming across this album, in a number of releases on the Pickwick label, came then as a bit of a shock!!! You can go and buy this album for about £3.00!!! The tune 'Stormy Night' is as good as it ever was. A real reality tune - set to a very stark bass and drum rhythm picked out by some great horn lines and a very distinct piano. And if that wasn't enough, you then get 'Johnny Dollar' this is the cut that hit big for Yellowman. This is the cut that he deejayed over. Its a great song first heard in reggae from the Paragons as a 'Quite Place' not sure where Johnny Dollar comes into it, but its a great tune. The rest of album is just as good. And at this price you cannot go wrong!