Roydale Anderson


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Roydale Anderson - My Reggae Journey - 1st Books Library - 231 pages - $13.50

First events in reggae music are getting rare, but when it comes to reggae books - this is a magnificent first - the first book to be written about reggae music from the inside. Roydale Anderson is a much loved producer from the seventies. Not a Lee Perry or a Bunny Lee, but like so many other producers he's done the work, the good work - making great contributions to the world of reggae music.

He's also worked with some of the greats. Gregory Isaacs, Augustus Pablo, I.Roy, Black Uhuru and he's working today with Jah Mel who at the time of writing should have another great set out produced by Germain at Penthouse. Each and every person mentioned is written about with wit and insight. That would be good news, but when you start reading about King Tubby, Slim Smith, Bunny Lee and many other producers and artists who Andy / Roydale as come into contact with, only then do you realise how much of reggae music history is still not known. This book represents the first step in changing that situation, and its a very good one. A foundation stone that reggae music can be proud of.

V/A - Vintage Reggae Hits - Andy's - CD.

Reggae music was a different music - when the tunes on this selection from producer Roydale Anderson were first released on singles. Not a well known producer, but the man worked with the best . Included here are great tracks from Gregory Isaacs, The Paragons, I.Roy, Augustus Pablo, and Garth Dennis. Also present is Jah Mel still a superstar to come.