Rusty - Manifestation - 9 Above Records

Outside of Jamaica the two things that prevented reggae music being successfully produced was problems with the rhythms, that problem was solved many years ago. The next problem were the vocals having listened to some of the greatest vocalists on the planet! It takes a while to appreciate a new style.

Rusty's vocal background is the blues/ r&b. Try to imagine Gregory, or Dennis trying to voice a blues rhythm track at Chess back in 1952! Yet with a little effort its possible to enjoy this album which is full of great songs and rhythms. Some recorded in Jamaica with Sly and Boris G, Mikey Chung, Robbie Lyn etc. Others are recorded in San Francisco. These sessions tend to sound better. With the horn arrangements being outstanding.

Hopefully this will be the first of many works from the man called Rusty Zin!