R Zee Jackson


R Zee Jackson - Trodding - Teams - LP

R Zee Jackson goes back a long way. A resident in Canada for a good while. And in common with the likes Willy Williams, Johnny Osbourne and so many more he's been trodding back to Jamaica ever since. Now he's linked up with Mikey Brooks - and with this connection comes a connection to some heavy duty rhythms that Mikey as been collecting for a while. He put them to good use with Matic 16 and the 'Increase The Peace' set.

This is the vocal set to that excellent set. R Zee Jackson vocal style is something new, a gentle style. While his songs tap into the roots and culture that reggae music is famous for. 'Touch A Button' is a bonefide classic. A tale of Ali Button and the works of Babylon. The whole album is in this style. Militant but with the reasoning of rastafari. Without apology!!!

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