Sizzla - I Space - Greensleeves

Something or someone else very puzzling is Sizzla. In the last five years he must have released 10 albums. Covering virtually every current style of reggae. Yet that is nothing compared to his vocal style, he must know by now that slower is better. Thankfully this set produced by Byron Murray gets that right. And he also provides him with great rhythms, very good recuts of some of the biggest rhythms to ever come out of Jamaica. On the lyrics front its good stuff from Sizzla, nothing new, but still good.

Sizzla/Black Uhuru - One Love/I Love King Selassie - Greensleeves - CD

Yet another combination tune, 6 tracks this time, three mixes from Sizzla, while Black Uhuru, U Black and King Jammys comes in with a dub mix. Of course all the tracks are produced by the man. With everyone else pulling out old rhythm to revoice, it makes sense for King Jammys to do the same. He's got some real classics to draw from. And Sizzla really does rise to the occasion this time!!

Sizzla - Waterhouse Redemption - Greensleeves - CD

Something a bit different from Sizzla, not sure if he's worked with Jammys before, but this is certainly his first album. And Jammy putting him over old rhythms is a very clever move - that's not been done before. They give Sizzla some inspiration and take him to places he's not been before in terms of ideas. Thankfully the set is only 15 tracks, because that inspiration does seem to run out towards the end, which is a shame - because these kind of rhythms - slower rhythms - make Sizzla sound a lot better. And the only people to have understood that up until now, have been Kariang. But full marks to Sizzla and King Jammys for trying something new. Lets hope there is more redemption to come from the pair.

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Sizzla - Rastafari Teach I Everything - Greensleeves

Sizzla's preaching - is something new to reggae, but you associate preaching with religion not slackness. So he should stick with preaching - he's good at it. This latest set for Fatis is another great work from him, its as good as early works. An impassioned belief in all things rasta. Set to some of the hardest rhythms Fatis and his usual set of people - The Fireshouse Crew , and Sly can come up with. Sizzla's now got the attention of the music media of the world, not an easy thing to do, what he does next is going to be under close observation. This is set is a very good move, all he needs is a few more - and his dreams and visions could come true.

Sizzla – Good Ways – Digital B Out of the two most recent Sizzla sets ‘Good Ways’ makes a lot sense than ‘Kalonji’ produced by Fatis. Trying to break such a fundamentalist like Sizzla to wider audience is a mistake. If the man breaks into a bigger market it will be music like ‘Gun Handling Pros’ or ‘Mockries & Praise’ that will do it. Or even the title track. .Sizzla is like a force of nature –wild, he strikes his targets hard – no response and he will strike them again. With the year 2000 coming up and Sizzla out there – Babylon is doomed.