Once upon a time - there was a great band called Jazz Jamaica. They liked to play the hits of the Ska era - with great style and fashion. During the nineties this band were seen by many reggae fans, many times - everytime they gave a great set. Even when confronted with thunder and lighting - they just played on - I can't recall Bigga shouting outJah Rastafari - but I am sure he did!! On the album front it was good as well - the debut Jazz Jamaica is an excellent work. Likewise 'Double Barrel'. Then it all came to an end. It was sad. Now we have the debut the album of Skatroniks! And what a set it is. Some of Jazz Jamaica is still here. In fact a good portion of it. What is different about Skatroniks to Jazz Jamaica - attitude. I don't think Jazz Jamaica would have made a steppers tune - 'Steppas' - they might have made a Salsa tune mixing in some ska - 'Skalsa'. They might have done a tune like 'Diurnal & Nocturnal' a swing time thing that owes a lot to another great band Now Generation. They would not have a done called 'Frenemy'! This a great album. For lovers of reggae and beyond. Its presented in a digipak which looks great! And when they play these tunes live - they will sound exactly the same if not better! Something to look forward too!!! Did I hear you say Forward!!!!