Everyone likes a mystery. Reggae music is no exception to this. In this section of the Small Axe Reggae News, we through the worldwide contacts of Small Axe and in some cases outerworld contacts! Intend to solve them.

Case No 001 is:

The Wailers - Catch A Fire - (Tuff Gong).

Due on the UK's ITV 3 network very soon is a documentary in 'The Classic Albums' series on the making of the 'Catch A Fire' album. This album as everybody should know was released in the spring of 1973. Later that year, possibly early 1974 came a very different version of the album pressed in Jamaica. This set did not contain any of the overdubs that was done at Island Records Basing Street studios in London during 1972. If anyone as a copy please let us know.

 Case No 002 is:

Rockers HiFi - Featuring Augustus Pablo.

Rockers HiFi was owned and ran by Augustus Pablo and his brother Garth. It operated in the early to mid seventies. What very people know was that Pablo regulary played melodica on his sound. So if anyone as a sound system tape of Rockers HiFi- featuring Pablo on it - please let us know.

Case No 003 is:

Turbotronic - Featuring I.Roy

Not sure when I.Roy set up this own sound, but to date I've never seen or heard a sound tape from this sound. Which is strange considering the popularity of I.Roy over the years. To give the man credit Dave Brown thinks he might have one! If you find it Dave - please let me know.

Case No 004 is:

Graham - Long Island - Pama Supreme 7"

This mystery was posed in Small Axe 2/2. Many thanks to Tony Rounce, who gives all the answers and a lot more!

Haven't had time to peruse it thoroughly yet, but I have some extra info on the "Graham" of "Long Island" fame for you."Graham" is Graham Hawk, founder and organist of the Mohawks of "The Champ"fame. Jamaican born but based here, he also cut "Harlesden High Street" (a version of Dave "Baby" Cortez' "Rinky Dink") that came out on the flip of - I think - a Pat Rhoden single on Pama Supreme. And for many years in the late 70s - mid 80s (and possibly beyond), he was Jetstar's London Van Sales representative (which is where I knew him from). I'd guess he's still around somewhere...Oh yeah, and to jog your memory, "Long Island" is a cut to Tony Brevett's "I'm Sorry" (and hence Jazzbo's "Step Forward Youth"!)

Case No 005:

The Undertakers - Bacula - Grape

This 1973 Derrick Harriott production is well known for its dub, the problem is who mixed it. Bets are on King Tubby, but others disagree a case of contact with Derrick Harriott could sort this one out.

Case No 006:

The Divine Brothers - Perception -

Hi Ray this may be something you might put in your Xfiles....

I’d love to know the answer but maybe know one else cares!

The recent Upsetter collection Black Arkives contains a track by the Divine Brothers titled Perception which according to sleeve notes was recorded by ET and Perry. The notes say little about the Divine Bros at all. What I want to know is who were the Divine Brothers. Hawkeye records released a Cultural Roots cut in the late 70’s recorded by Germaine called "Only Jah Knows cw/Blackie Blackie.which is credited to Cultural Roots (presumably Hubert Brooks?) which is a recut of Perception. Are the Divine Brothers an early incarnation of Cultural Roots or were they a separate entity all together? And if so was it just coincidence that Cultural Roots decided to record one very obscure tune





Case No.007

Hi Ray,

Would love to know more about this group called "The Loving Brothers"

I've found three 7 inch tunes by them all from 74/75

J&G label (JA) Children of Israel

Black Star label (JA) Public Eye

Sun&Star (UK) Rule Ethiopia

The name "Douglas" as a surname appears on two of them??

I'll bring these tunes over with some of the ones just mentioned

Keep Well






Well those are the opening cases in the Small Axe Reggae News - Reggae X Files. If you can help solve the mysteries please let us know. Also if you wish to add to them, contact us and will include them in the next edition.