Soul Jazz

Mysteron Killer Sounds - Soul Jazz

A two CD trip through the digital sounds of Jamaica. For some it was the start of when things went really wrong with reggae music for others it a natural step. King Jammy, King Tubby, Steely and Clevie are all here all of them dared to go where others fear to trod. Its just strange that when this stuff was coming out it was met with such resistance. Even today most people would not really rate Jammy's 'Computerized Dub' on Greensleeves. And yet it is a very strong set in the style. Tubby and Steely and Clevie have not fared much better either. For fans of the style it would have been nice to hear more of the one called Prince Jazzbo - his dubs were the wildest back then - and to day remain mostly on 7". Harry J also put out some outstanding digital music back then. Once you start hearing those kind of sounds - this era then begins to make sense. A very good start though! And good to see the comic book artwork once again linked to this era in the fashion on Greensleeves.