Sound Iration

Reviewed this set back in the day, as they say! Its a great set. Pulling together ideas from Nick Manasseh, Scruff and Rae Cheddie. 'Seventh Seal' a 12"released on the Mystic Red Corportion label remains to this day, one of the best tunes ever made in the UK.

When this album came out in 1989, it showed that the 12" was no fluke. The eight tracks on the LP were all up to very high standard of 'Seventh Seal'

The re-release of that album onto CD, is in itself a major event. Its hard to believe that it was over twenty years ago when it came out! A lot as happened in reggae music, in the UK its still a fragmented as it ever was, but the roots people are still standing firm.

What makes this set even more interesting is the second CD. That CD contains 14 tracks and is as good if not better than the original set.

The production on some of these tracks is very advance, if they all come from 89/90, it would mean that Sound Iration were way ahead of people like Rhythm and Sound. Although its possible that some of these tracks have been remixed over those 20 years. Either way its great music.