Spider Johnson


Various Artists - The Best Of British Lovers Rock - Orange Street

The Lovers Rock sound of the seventies and eighties was not something that held great appeal to myself. By the time nineties had kicked in, UK lovers had all but disappeared off the radar. But it was still being made - and one of the most entertaining and innoative producers was Spider Johnson. Operating out of the Spiders Web studios in East London - the spirtual heartland of 'Lovers' - Spider came up with a tougher sounds built about around strong basslines that have a pace to them which is needed in reggae. To these rhyhtms were added vocals by an whole heap of talented UK singers. Included Wendy Walker, Celia Thomas, Lorna Asher, Trevor Hartley, Mink 69 and Spider Johnson himself. Many of the songs were written by Spider as well - and when a soul - R&B tune is covered its done very well. An excellent set.