Stranger Cole


Stranjah Cole - Morning Train - Jah Shaka

Once again - Jah Shaka pulls off something very very special. Stranjah is a foundation artist. Only recently have companies started putting out some of his works from the sixties - something that was long overdue. But like all great singers and djs it would be a big mistake to think they have no contribution to make to todays reggae scene. For this is yet another magnificent set. Stranjah's voice is perfect for the rough and tuff rhythms that Jah Shaka as built here. The songs are so deep and moving. Although its so good to see so many new roots reggae artists coming through, in a strange kinda of way - its just as good to see people like Stranjah being given the chance to show what they can do.. Hopefully these albums will be successful enough for Jah Shaka to carry on with these kind of great works.


Stranger Cole - Bangarang - Trojan - 2CD

Another major reggae who's often well overlooked is Stranger Cole. His work with Gladdy Anderson dominated the reggae charts back in the late sixties. And a lot of it is thankfully present on this two cd set. Stranger's career though started back in the early sixties the Ska era. He scored big big hits with Patsy Todd which are also present here. Stranger is another great singer/songwriter as well. His influence on artists like Junior Byles is very clear. Junior often sounding like a mix of Stranger and Ken Boothe. Who is yet another artist who the man worked with over a long period of time. This set is much needed because so little music from Stranger is on CD. And with 27 tracks on each CD, its a great place to start!