Studio One


Studio One Women - Soul Jazz - CD

Women in reggae music have had a rough deal overall. The Studio One label could have solved a lot of the problems - with its large teams of singer/songwriters and musicians. But something went wrong, there are no really great reggae albums on Studio One from women singers. To this day the only real concept albums that I know of, from women singer's is the Sharon Forrester album recorded in the UK for Ashanti back in 1974, and Nadine Sutherland's set for Fatis from about 1994. This set is all about singles - and there are some good ones. The late Jennifer Lara's 'Consider Me' , Denise Darlington 'War No Right', Claudette McLean's 'Give Love Another Try' and Marcia Griffiths 'Tell Me Now'. A nice CD.

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Coxsone Dodd

Coxsone Dodd, died on Tuesday night May 4th, at his studio in Kingston. He was 72. The cause was a heart attack, said his daughter Carol Dodd. During a ceremony held on Friday 30th April, Brentford Road was renamed Studio One Boulevard. Clement Dodd was born in Kingston and he began his career in the mid-1950's when he set up his own sound system,Sir Coxsone's Downbeat. When he began recording at Studio One he quickly assembled a incredible roster of talent. Mr. Dodd is survived by six other children and by his wife, Norma Dodd.

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Studio One Dub - Soul Jazz - CD

Another great selection of Studio One music from Soul Jazz, this time its dubwise, and some version. A truly great selection of some music, some well known, others less known but just as good, its what a compilation of this sort should be about. 17 tracks in all. When it comes to sleevenotes - Sylvan Morris is in the spotlight - having made a statement many years ago that he did not mix the Studio One dub albums, which were mixed by Coxsone himself, its good to see him taking credit and getting it for the singles which make up this set. Coming out as it does just before the passing of Downbeat - its yet another fine musical tribute to one of the great recording studios of all time.

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Various Artists - Studio One Ska - Soul Jazz - CD

While Downbeat continues putting out some great new sets, his past works are now being brought to the mass market in fine style by Soul Jazz. This latest set concentrates on Ska and his a great selection of some of the finest ska tunes ever cut. Starting off with 'El Bang Bang' which it seems was credited originally to Bobby Aitken on release - perhaps Jackie played on it - who knows? Its a great tune with lots of Far Eastern influences made even more popular by Don Drummond and then Augustus Pablo. Another favourite is Joe Higgs 'Song My Enemies Sing' is one of his greats - and hopefully will one day appear on bone-fide set of Joe Higgs music. 'Artibella' from Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole, as been recut enough times by Ken - but this cut is the first cut - and it is truly wild!


Studio One Story - Soul Jazz - DVD

Now out - and what a package it is! Not only do you get an amazing 4 hour DVD, you also get

a magnificent 16 tracks CD and an excellent 100 page book. All for around £18.00!!!!

The future as just arrived. Lets hope other forward thinking companies will now get it together

and release something like this. Congratulations once agin to the Soul Jazz team.

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Presents the Studio One Story

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Big events are crucial in the developement in people and things, be it films, books, art or music. Sometimes they move something on, or allow the person or subject to be understood more. Currently reggae is in a funk. Not into funk - but a muscial funk. Lots and lots of reissues have made it seem less bad than what it is. But none of them in recent times have been eventful. They have been just good, sometimes very good. No reggae needed something else.

The media world is currently trying to come terms with DVD. Along with the internet, and MP3. This some would have us believe as nothing to do with reggae music. Reggae music is all about vinyl. Overpriced shows and sound systems who do not wish to give gainful employment to deejays. This is a person who holds a mic and talks.

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Enter stage left Soul Jazz. Releasing at first a truly crazy series of various artists albums. Now known as 'The Dynamite Series'. This very successful series took them onto to Studio One - where they have had even more success. With releases from Jackie Mittoo, plus. Studio One Roots, Studio One Rockers, Studio One Soul, Studio One Deejays. Then out of the blue, comes the idea of a Studio One DVD. That's a great idea I thought.

That was a year ago - and now its out, well nearly out. And its no longer a great idea. Its just great!!!! Angela Scott the woman and producer behind this project - as picked her way carefully through years of musical history to give us a three hour event that reggae can be proud about. No one could ever really do justice to The Studio One label. Its too big, but this makes all the right connections - and puts them together in the right order.

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The man behind Studio One is of course Coxsone Dodd. Who's kept a low profile for many years. Thankfully no one asks him about royalties. The closest we get to his understanding of this concept is that he hired a band to play everyday of the week monday to friday. They were paid, end of story. Well that may have been good enough for Kingston, Jamaica in the Sixties. But today it can't work and it doesn't. Jamaican Music needs an organisation - not a charity - to look into what was sold - and work out how much needs to be paid to all of Jamaica's artists. From the very first record pressed in Jamaican to everything that was sold everywhere else in the world. A lot of people have made a lot of money out of Jamaican music - strangely very few Jamaicans have.

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So Coxsone comes out to bat, and he does a good job in explaining his story. What about the artists, Well I think Dennis Alcapone does a good job - his Duke Reid tale is great. So does Sugar Minott on the early days of Channel One versioning. Lone Ranger is another one who can talk. Sylvan Morris 's got some great info on the Studio itself. King Stitt is a wonder. And gets a chance to do his stuff. Some Jackie Mittoo rare black and white video is also well incoroparted into the video. There is more lots and lots more. Its a true great event, and you should participate in it now!!!

Ray Hurford


Various Artists - Studio One Scorcher - Soul Jazz

Well the DVD is still not out, but this will do until that hits the streets. An excellent selection of Studio One instrumentals starting in the Ska era and going into the Dancehall Era. The Skatalites, Tommy McCook, Jackie Mittoo, Karl Bryan, Lester Sterling, Sugar Belly, The Soul Bros, Vin Gordon, Pablo Black, Liberatioin Group and the Soul Defenders are all present. Reggae music was built on instrumentals, and yet even today the instrumental album are not that popular. It doesn't really make much sense, never as. But with sets like this out and about perhaps more people will start to appreciate instrumentals, version and dub a little bit more.

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Various Artists - Studio One DJ's - Soul Jazz - CD

Soul Jazz certainly like to give value for money on there CD releases, apart from 16 excellent tracks from a wild mix of well known DJ's and lesser knowns. You also get some video from the forthcoming Studio One DVD. Which should be really good. The CD starts with Count Machuki, who really needs a CD all to himself, along with Charlie Ace who's also present with one of his many hits 'Father And Dreadlocks'. Big name DJ's like Dennis Alcapone come forward with 'Power Version' . Lone Ranger steps forward with 'The Answer and 'The Big Match' Also present is Briggy, Far I, Dillinger, Jazzbo and Big Joe. Plus other great DJ's like Jah Buzz, Jah Jesco, Jah Scotchie, Prince Francis. All these DJ's made reggae music great, its good to see them all on one CD. Hopefully someone is taking care of there intellectual rights as well. Man to Man is so unjust. A true.

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Various Artists - Studio One Roots - Soul Jazz

Soul Jazz have certainly made a stamp on reggae music over the last year or so. The Dynamite series takes a lot of understanding, whoever is buying those compilations? And then they go and hook up with Coxsone. This set as been waiting to happen for a long time. Coxsone should have done it, Heartbeat could have done it. What inspired Soul Jazz to do it would be interesting to know. 16 tracks all in a roots and culture style. Most of them should be familiar to fans of the label. The opening track is something new to me.'Meditation' from The Cyclones with Count Ossie its an incredible tune - nyahbingi dumming meets the reggae rhythm around 1969. Leroy Wallace, L.Crosdale and Linton Cooper also make this a set to have.

V/A – Studio One Showcase – Volume 1 – Studio One/Heartbeat - CD.

The Heartbeat label’s approach to the Studio One label has been very respectful, in fact its been too respectful for its own good. Studio One 12" discomixes were highly sort after and very hard to get when Coxsone issued them. This is in fact a straight reissue of one of his showcase albums plus 3 bonus tracks. The 10 tracks here are fantastic coming from the likes of the Heptones, Alton Ellis, & Ernest Wilson, Cornell Cambell, Johnnie Osbourne and The Tonettes