Sugar Minott


Sugar Minott - Dance Hall Showcase Vol II - Wackies

It would be nice to see all of the Sugar Minott music done for Wackies in one place - meanwhile we have this set to enjoy which at the time of its original release to be the start of some kind of series from Wackies on Sugar Minott. It pulls together a number of 12" releases that Sugar did for Wackies back in the early eighties. The biggest and most well known here is 'Informer' on this set the dub and the Jah Batta cut is also included. But all the other tracks 3 plus there dubs are great stuff. Lloyd Barnes and Sugar Minott - were a fantastic team. Of course Sugar did great work wherever he went - but the stuff he did at Wackies was something special - its what happens when you have a studio to work with and some great talent!!!

Sugar Minott - The Roots Lover 1978 - 1983 - Moll Selekta - 2CD

Sugar's had a load of his music made available over the years, but when it comes to presentation nothing can really match what Moll Selektor can do. The Digipak on this CD is yet another magnificent creation, it unfolds to 4 panels. And features some great photos and graphics. The music is Sugar at his best . Some of his best and biggest hits. From a wide range of producers. Itís a shame that a producer credit is not next to each song, because at the moment I cannot recall who Sugar did 'Leggo The Dread' for, or 'Slice Of The Cake'. 'No Vacancy' was for Niney at Channel One. Some of productions are Black Roots/YP 'African Girl' for one. On CD 2, its tune like 'Rome' that stand out and 'Africa' and once again they come from Black Roots/YP. Each of 17 tracks are all 12" discomix. A truly great selection from a great artist.

Sugar Minott & John Wayne - Jamming In The Streets - Black Roots 12"

This tune is probably now twenty years old!!! It was a maginificent tune then, full of all the best ideas of Wackies and Youth Promotion, and its just got better and better over the years. It made sense of the 12" format as well with a full dub cut, never mind the excellent DJ from John Wayne - would like to know what happened to him? Sugar's musical ideas made reggae music so good then, its a shame he's not so high profile now, because that recent album from France showed he was still well on the ball.