Summer Records


VA - Summer Records Anthology - 1974-1988 - Light In The Attic

Jerry Brown's studio in Toronto was on par with Lloyd Barnes with Wackies in New York. Not for releases - but for good sound - and getting a new reggae sound. Distribution was always a problem - and it still is for many new labels and studios. Light In The Attic based in Seattle - have already relased one set from Canada but this is the first all reggae set - and is truly excellent. Featuring Willi Williams, Johnny Osbourne, Stranger Cole, Jackie Mittoo - its an allstar cast. You can tell by the date in the title that you gets the roots sound of the seventies right into the dancehall sound of the eighties - but its all good stuff. And its made even better by extensive sleevenotes and wait for it a DVD!!! This is the kind of stuff that reggae music needs today. Even if you have the music which is unlikely you are not going to have the rest of it. Its called a package!!!