Tony Tuff

Tony Tuff - How Long - Jah Shaka - CD

Tony Tuff is very much like Johnny Clarke, his success though came ten years after Johnny Clarke - but the impact Tony made is more or less contained in the mid-eigthies. Three fanstastic albums produced by Youth Promotion, Junjo and himself. After that what came from him was good, but not up to that standard. So over twenty later here is Mr Mash It! And what a set!!! Tony sounds just like he did back then. And the songs here match those made on the albums mentioned. Jah Shaka production skills are once again well forward. This time the line up is - Flabba Holt and Bass and Drum, Keyboards - Tony Asher, and percussion from Skully. With recording and mixing done at Leggo's by Bravo. Its a pure roots sound, a Jah Shaka sound - that is truly magnificent.