Twilight Circus


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Twilight Circus - Dub From The Secret Vaults - Roir - CD

Always good to see and hear Ryan Moore productions, and hot on the very successful 'Foundation Rockers set comes this. A compilatioin that sets about the task of revealing the secret origins of the Twilight Circus. It would have been nice to see when some of this stuff was recorded trying to work out which was recorded twenty years ago for instance got me nowhere - but all the tracks have that very live heavy sound. Almost like a band, the 'Roots Radics' playing like a sound system - impossible to pick out favourite tracks, it just starts out great and just get heavier and better over the 14 tracks. A must for all dub fans.

Twilight Circus - Foundation Rockers - M Records - CD

Reaching back into past styles of reggae with the intention of recreating them, either works or it doesn't, there is no middle ground. What is a better concept, is to take the ideas and try to work with them. This is what Ryan Moore is a master at. This time he's taken this concept into a different direction by working with artists who were big in those times. Well Big Youth, Ranking Joe were, with Mykal Rose from the eighties and Luciano represting today roots scene. In truth all these artists are still big - but they some started earlier than others! Big Youth as played around with different reggae concept himself. Bringin in the dancehall style before anyone. Here he just goes in for a tradition Big Youth chant - very powerful. Joe is much dancehall, but knows all about roots - and he just gets into that style very easily. Mykal well his far east intonations have never sound better. Great horn section on a great CD.

Twilight Circus - The Essential Collection - M Records

Ryan Moore loves Channel One so much he bought the studio. Only joking! But he really does love that dense Roots Radics sound that dominated the studio from 1979 to about 1985. This collection picks up from when he wanted to recreate that sound in 1995 to the present. Its a 10 track set that starts off great and just keeps getting better and better. What is amazing is that he's now been working in that sound longer than the Roots Radics did! And it still sounds fresh. Although Ryan loves dub and that is fully respected. I hope one day he brings in some horns and a few other instruments and gives us an instrumental version of these rhythms.

{short description of image}Twilight Circus - Dub Plates Volume 3 - M Records

Probably the best dub set yet from Ryan Moore - who seems to have his drum based time machine - that allows him to go back and recreate some of the great drum sounds from reggae musics very complex drum history. Carly Barrett seems to be on the program this time. With some great drum rolls - that you just don't hear today in reggae music. It doesn't stop there though. His bass playing and keyboards skills are also well to the fore. By switching from heavy drum and bass to the more melodic side of the music - he shows - just how complex reggae was and still is. All in fine style of course.

Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Volcanic Dub -

M Records.. Very few of the current selection of dubmasters can go into reggae dna and come out with something as good as the original - and with this selection improves the dna.Ryan Moore though is a very responsible dubmaster - he is not interested in Mutant Dub. Listening to that can you make you ill. The Twilight Circus is a tonic. Over twelve great tracks he tests the limits of what the Roots Radics created in Jamaica in the early eighties. But he's respectful as well.

Twilight Circus Sound System - Horsie - M Records cd

With the Dub Funk Association rediscovering reggae's funky past, an album that explores the connections between reggae and rock was sure to come forward. The DNA rhythmic structure of the two music's have so far only created abominations. What Ryan Moore as done is the step in breaking the code, and with his X Files connections it's not surprising. There must be something about Vancouver BC, where this set was recorded. Ry Cooder would be proud of this work, Ryan Moore should be as well.

Twilight Circus Sound System - Bin Shaker Dub -TCSS - CD.

Ryan Moore's rock style dub - workouts are something else. First of all they are respectful to the original source of inspiration - The Roots Radics and Scientist, but rather than try to copy that sound of reggae in the early eighties - they explore it. Picking up on the musical ideas that only made it on those Junjo produced sessions from time to time. Sowell Radics would approve of this!!!