Tyrone Evans


Tyrone Evans started out in The Paragons, alongside Bob Andy and Howard Barrett, early recording were made with Duke Reid, before moving to Coxsone. And then back to Duke Reid.

When Bob Andy left the group to follow a solo career, John Holt, came in took on the role of lead singer. It was this line up that recorded the classic Treasure Isle set 'On The Beach' which included the group biggest hits

'The Tide Is High', versioned by Blondie in a pop reggae style, becoming a massive worldwide hit. Plus 'Only A Smile', and 'Happy Go Lucky Girl'.

During this time, Tyrone also cut a tune for Coxsone 'I Don't Care' with Bob Andy. The Bassie's also recorded for Studio One is more well known, but Bob and Ty's is the first cut. A little later Tyrone also worked for Leslie Kong's Beverley's label.

By the late seventies he was back at Studio One - Coxsone releasing the magical 'How Sweet It Is'. The success of this tune, plus the great interest in The Paragons due to Blondie big hit, seemed to encourage him back into the business.

First the Paragons reformed recording a couple of albums. One for Island, and one for Bunny Lee. Neither set brought any great success and Tyrone resumed his career in New York City at the studio of Lloyd Barnes - Wackies.

'Sings Bullwackies Style' is a fantastic album debut album. Full of great love songs and reality messages. Tyrone put his heart and soul into this work and it showed.

By 1983 Tyrone was back in Jamaica working with Winston Riley. By now he was recording under the name of 'Don Evans' which also provided the title of his excellent album on Techniques. It was another great work and was one of the best albums of 1983.

It would have been nice to see the man working with either Lloyd Barnes or Winston Riley again, but his next album 'Satisfaction' was co-produced with and lacked the direction of his previous sets.

Since that time he has been working with Lloyd Barnes on a number of projects which remain unreleased. Tyrone passed away in New York City on the ....He had been suffering from cancer. Small Axe sends its sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Tyrone Evans - Sings Bullwackie Style - Wackies

'Sings Bullwackie Style' is Don Evans or Tyorne Evans debut album, it is also one of the music's best productions outside of Jamaica. Only a few people it seems checked this album when it first came over from New York. And the fact that it didn't have a sleeve didn't help. The detail as now been corrected. Don is in great voice and form here. Singing songs of love and reality. Listen out for 'History' 'Sparkle Of My Eyes' and 'I Gave You Love' all truly wonderful songs. A classic album.

Don Evans - Don Evans - Techniques - 1983

Don started with The Paragons, where he was quiet happy to sing harmony. When the group broke up he wasn't heard from again until The Paragons reformed for Sly & Robbie & Island Records. After recording for Wackies he went onto work again with Coxsone. Where apparently he recorded an album. Then producer Winston Riley entered the picture, and announced he had recorded an LP with him, and here it is. An album that shows Don to be not only one of the great singers in reggae music, but also one of it's best songwriters.