U Brown


U Brown Hit Sounds From Channel One 1979-80 - Tabou 1. U.Brown was one of the most popular deejays of the late seventies - most reggae fans know that, what is lesser known is that he was a great producer - whose productions got lost in the big change over from rockers to dancehall way back then. With artists like Sugar Minott, Freddy McKay, Carlton Livingstone, Al Campbell ,Johnny Osbourne and Delroy Wilson he should have been well placed to breakthrough, it didn't happen, but the music featured here wasn't the problem.

U.Brown - You Can't Keep A Good Man Down - Front Line - 1978. Heavily influenced by U.Roy, U.Brown's popularity by the end of the seventies was such that him being on the Front Line label actually made sense. The problem with the label was that in the rush to build a catalogue, the good albums got lost amongest the bad ones. Needless to say this self produced set was one of the good ones. Recorded and mixed at Channel One with The Revolutionaries and We The People Band, it contains big hits like 'Weather Ballon' and 'Tie And Dye' plus many more great tunes.

U.Brown - Jam It Tonight - CSA - 1983

Another self produced album this one contains the big hit tune 'Tu-Sheng-Peng', now whether this is the original cut that TADS released is hard to tell. To this add 'Take Your time' U's toast of the 'Water Pumping' saga which is the finest toast yet of the rhythm. U's got the bass coming and going all over the place on this, the space that provides enables U to work very well. Both engineers Solgie and Peter Chemist contribute greatly on this set. This set takes, U.Brown back to the top in fine style.