Urban Dub


Urban Dub - Illegal Immigrants - Urban Dub

Trying to work out where dub is now in the great landscape that is Jamaican music is like looking for a needle in haystack, its there but the reality is that its a lot easier to find in other music's. Urban Dub are like a magic hyperlink that connects reggae to rock and back again. If you turn on the TV you hear this kind of stuff all the time, not in the programming, but in the ads. Reggae, probably the most underpromoted music of all time is being used for ads!!! Be it old ska, rock steady, reggae modern dancehall or Dub Rock, which is more or less what this is. And its got a lot of potential as well. You only have to listen to one track to know this. 'Knights Of The Round Table' is a hit a big one. Then again, you might start hearing it in ads first, before you hear it anywhere else!

Urban Dub - Communicate - Basscone Records - CD 

Reggae music should have embraced the CD single in a big way a long time ago. Very few UK reggae label have released CD singles. The Mystic Red Corporation did and in fine style many moons ago, it was a five track selection - and this release from Urban Dub is in the same format. It's a highly textured work, with lots of long and deep bass lines, vocals are in a dub style. And every track is very different, which is the way it should be. It's a great tune - a solid message as well. Most of the dub bands tend to be studio based, it's a natural home, but Urban Dub spend a good amount of time on the road, so if they are your area check them out. It should be good.

Urban Dub Featuring Fairshare Unity Sound - Dubhead - 2CD

The UK Roots Dub scene as always been looking at ways to expand its audience - perhaps because a lot of what is now being called something else, sounds a lot more like dub as the reggae market knew it in the past. Part of the problem is the fascination with gimmicks. It started with Joe Gibbs and Lee Perry - whereas the followers of the great one. The King himself always had more interest in noise, and its uses there of. Urban Dub with FUS at the controls try to bring both the concepts together. Strangely when they forget about all of that and just do the work - they come up with something new which is better. 'The Underground Field' is a massive track. Its the true spirit of dub.