Utan Green



Utan Green - Rivers Of Reality - UG

Garnett Silk's - legacy lives on, that great great singer inspired so many with his great songs and voice. Utan Green, like Jah Mali and Aaron Silk was trodding alongside Garnett at the time and as trod on since. It never made no sense to me why there was no album from the man - and it seems in the year 2000, that state of affairs made little sense to Utan, and so he released this. An excellent compilation set made up of just some of his best tunes from the early 90's to that time. And what a magnificent set this is. Full of great words and works. From the comments on everyday life in 'Woman Thing' to the superb 'Rivers Of Reality' which as got to be one of the greatest songs ever written in reggae music!!! Thankfully its just one of many - and hopefully more of such songs will be with us soon from the man.


Uton Green - See This Coming - Sweet Beat 7"

This man needs to be given some serious time in the studio. He's a great songwriter and a singer who's just waiting for some oldtime backative. A great reality tune.