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 Vybz Kartel - JMT - Greensleeves - CD

Was wondering what happened to Vybz? It seems like his debut album was a while ago now, not that having only one album or so a year is a problem, far from it. If only a few more artists eased back a little on their album output - they would be better off and so would reggae music. Overall this is a much better album than 'Up To Di Time'. With an incredible selection of producers including Leftside and Esco, Donovan Bennett, Arif Cooper, Shane Brown, Clive Hunt, and my favourite here - Cordell 'Skatta' Burrell. His production takes 'Guns Like These' takes Vybz into the slow motion style of Rhythm and Sound. This is the best production from Jamaica for years, its outward looking but is full of what makes reggae music special. It could only come out of Jamaica (unless it coming from Germany - hahahah) but its got it. It being that X factor. Other tracks on this mighty 20 tracker come close to that tune, and that makes it a excellent set. And there are not many 20 track CDs from one artist that you can say that about!

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Vybz Kartel - More Up 2 Di Time - Greensleeves - CDDi Time

Vybz as certainly got the style, and that sets him apart from anyone else at the moment, his lyrics like that of so many current supers, leave a lot to be disired, but that's nothing new he's still fresh enough to come up with some meaningful lyrics. This 23 track set is a boosted up version of 'Up 2 Di Time' containing five more tracks. The rhythms come mainly from Donovan Bennett, but its the lyrics and style VK that makes this album. Its got something that links back to much more traditional style of deejaying, and that can only be a good thing.