Ward 21

 Ward 21 - U Know How We Roll - Greensleeves

Its great to see Wayne Wonder and Sean Paul in the pop charts with two great tunes, they represent what is going on today in reggae, and are badly needed. Reggae's past is full of great music - but today and the future are more important. And this group of youths Ward 21 are the future. I mean what are they, DJ's singers, musicians,engineers? In fact they are all these things and more!!! Over the 20 tracks of this their second set - they explore all what it means to be Ward 21. They have something to say about almost everything, and when they want to be serious they can be, but most of the time - it topical comment that they deal with. The rhythms are all great, and the producers well there are a lot of them, they are in demand with a capital I. 'Badda Than Dat' with Bounty Killer is the only Ward 21 tune on the set - and that is got to be the way to go - or would that be roll!!!

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Ward 21 - Mentally Disturbed - Greensleeves

Its taken a while to for this set to finally be released, but this excellent debut from this team of engineers/selector/dj's as been worth the wait. The first team up of this kind came with Home T - Coco Tea and Shabba Ranks for Gussie Clarke back in 1989. That album was also released on Greensleeves. Like a lot of great ideas it was parked. Now over a decade later comes this set. Recorded at King Jammys, and featuring Ranaldo 'Rumblood' Evans, engineer, Mark 'Mean Dog' Henry, selector, Andre 'Suku' Gray, another engineer and rhythm builder. Finally Kunley McCarthy engineer and lyricist and DJ. Whose 'Concrete' style makes all Ward 21 tunes very memorable. On this 22 track set you have everything, old rhythms like Jammys 'Shank I Sheck' sit alongside the yard core creations of today. Lyrics take in most subjects. The energy levels on the set are off the scale, its reggae music at its very best. And will hopefully give reggae a new direction. And I'm sure those still in Ward 21 will love it. Big respect to all badly damaged people everywhere.