Wayne Jarrett


Wayne Jarrett - Chip In - Greensleeves

So good to see Greensleeves digging into their huge catalogue. They have done so before, but never in such a determined systematic way. Album like this one from Wayne Jarrett need to be always available. For one reason or another I have never heard this set from Wayne, I was always happy with the Wackies set - very happy! And by the time I was looking around for this set, its was no long available. Yet it is every bit as good as the Wackies set! The selection of songs is good, cultural, reality and a couple of love songs. The rhythm are tough - and the mixing from Scientist is truly amazing. One or two tracks go into epic dub workouts before returning to Wayne. And these are not the 12" mixes, four of them are are at the end making it a truly excellent 14 track set, complete with very interesting sleevenotes from the one called Harry Hawke!