Willi Williams

So pleased to see this set on Blood And Fire, Willi's one of Jamaica's finest singers and this his excellent debut album from back in the days - deserves all the attention it can get. Its full of great songs and rhythms - and was recorded in Jamaica and Canada featuring some of the best reggae musicians around. That included man like Jackie Mittoo who Willi worked with for many years before Jackie passed. Bobby Kalphat is also present and he's also a man who's got a musical history as long as reggae music itself. Added to the original set are some eight dubs which alone would be of interest to the followers of dub. With sleevenotes by Carter 'The Grasshopper' Van Pelt and some great photos including one of Jerry Brown of Summer Sound in his studio in Tornoto. This is an essential set. And shows once again why Blood and Fire is still the best label for old reggae.

Various Artists - From Studio One to Drum Street - Drum Street.

Anything from Willy Williams is always of interest. This 14 track set goes far beyond that by virtue of it being a collection of productions from the man - that include works from the likes of The Versatiles (with Junior Byles) Delroy Wilson, Doctor Alimantado, Bobby Kalphat, and Jackie Mittoo. Plus of course music from from the Armagideon Man himself. Willy's been producing from the sixties, and this is where this set starts. It ends in the early 80's. But I think this is just Vol 1- because even then the man had more than enough music to release!

Willy Williams - Thanks & Devotion - Drum Street.

Here's an artist who knows every aspect of the roots market. For twenty years now he's been involved in roots productions with producers like - Coxsone Dodd, Yabby U, Jah Shaka as well as his own work. This set comes into the latter, and overall it's his best self produced work. For starters itís a lot more consistent than 'Jah Will' his 1995 album release. The songs are much stronger and so is the production. Willy's voice is in great form, and the set includes the roots classic 'Home Sweet Home'.