Winston Hussey

 Winston Hussey - The Girl I Adore - Live And Learn - 1984.

Winston first came to notice with the excellent 'Where Fat Lies Ants Follow' produced by Leggo Beast. Well over a year passed before Winston was heard from again, this time for Junjo. And it was Junjo along with Delroy Wright who have put this album together. The real surprise here is that Winston has changed his relaxed vocal style to the extent that he now sounds similar to Gregory Isaacs. Yet if you listen really carefully to this album you will hear an original talent in there, something fresh.

Winston Hussey - Ghetto Man Problem - Live & Learn

Good to see Winston Hussey maintaining his connections with Delroy Wright for his second album. This one finds Wisnton returning to his original singing style found on the single 'Where Fat Lies', which is perhaps better. Although his country style similar to Gregory's enjoyable. Delroy Wright production on this excels itself on the title track - employing a rag time horn section that seems to emphasise Winston's sad lyrics. "Me Face A Laugh, Me Heart A Cry, A Buddy Bye, A Buddy Bye, Just Problem, Problem."