Xterminator Dub – Xterminator - CD. Fatis last dub album of the same name from a few years ago – mixed by Solgie – did not have the effect on people it should have done. If this latest set subtitled ‘ Make Way For Jah’ doesn’t inspire people – nothing will. The last one kept vocals out of the mix – this puts them into it. Tubby understood that the human voice was a very versatile insturment (in his hands) and the same approach as been taken here, by who – well it could be Solgie – its good enough for it to be his!

Xterminator - MLK Dub - RAS

Solgie is my favourite engineer for heavyweight rhythms - and they don't come any heavier than Fatis productions. It's no great surprise that in the last few years - three dub albums have come from Jamaica, and he's been involved in all of them. It only needs one of these sets to take off, and it could all happen again for dub.

V/A (Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell) 1RLP - Turn On The Heat - SCOM - 1989. Fatis - Phillip Burrell began producing right at the start of the Ragga era in 1985. Over the years he's carried into the business singers like Sanchez, Pinchers and Thriller U, as well as working successfully with more established artists. This album is one of the first various artists sets he had released and features just some of that talent previously mentioned. Included here are great works from singers like Sanchez, Conrad Crystal, Quench Aid, and DJ's like Flourgon, Daddy Freddy & Tenor Fly.

V/A (Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell) 1RLP - Exterminator Vol II - Justice - 1989. This is Vol II of 'Turn On The Heat' which is a little confusing. That though is made up for by the sheer quality of this set. A nice slow to medium paced rhythm is employed by the likes of Sugar Minott, Josey Wales, Gregory Isaacs Frankie Paul & General Trees who are all in really good form. Then it's the turn of the newer talents; Quench Aid, Lukie D, Ricky Chaplain and Conrad Crystal who also turn it on. With talent like this and producers like Fatis, things do look good for the music.

V/A (Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell) 1RLP - Exterminator Presents Vol 3 - Exterminator. Another one rhythm album, another title, and yet more progress. The last two sets used original rhythms this one is a very nice recut of 'Party Time' rhythm. Side One is devoted to well established singers. Ini Kamoze's 'Hot Stepper' was the most popular cut of the rhythm for Fatis. With Beres's 'See You Tomorrow' being a favourite. On the DJ side, Tony Rebel's always got something interesting to say, but so have Tipper Lee & Rappa Robert, Flourgon & General Trees.

V/A (Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell) 1RLP - Muslim - Exterminator. With the huge success of Sly Dunbar's 'Bangra' insprired 'Bam Bam' cut. Other producers were sure to follow it. The origins of this album begin with 'Armshouse' from Capleton a big DJ hit. And it's DJ's who really make the best out of this rhythm. With a notable exception coming from Pinchers and 'O Lord Remember Me'. Papa San's 'Price Increase' is the next to best DJ cut of the rhythm. While Cutty Ranks's 'Eeh' is also very enjoyable. Capleton's original is not here, but 'G.C.Tax' from him, is.


Xterminator Dub

1.Quarter Mile

2.Bad Coupe


4.Pull Blown


6.Hot Hemi


8.Street Rod

9.Peel Out

10.Finish Line

Produced By Phillip Burrell