Yabby U


Yabby U - Deliver Me From My Enemies - Blood And Fire

Yabby U came from that same 'golden era' and was treated in much the same way as Bambu Station. Although pioneers often get treated like this, it would probably shock Yabby to know that the same kind of music - made today is not given any real attention. Artists like Yabby - made music for the love of it, they were not interested in what was carrying the swing. His intentions were clear from his first album 'Ram A Dam'. Alongside great songs of devotion like 'Jah Love' there were simple humble love songs. And so on this set from 1977 you will find tunes like 'Stranger In Love'. Coming from 1977, it was in a roots rockers style. Featuring all the best players, and recorded at Channel One with a mix by King Jammys. On this album you will find 6 more tracks, 4 - 12" mixes plus two unreleased cuts. More than enough music to keep his fans interested. Together will some excellent sleevenotes.

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Yabby U - Dub It To The Top 1976-1979 - Blood And Fire - CD

The late seventies were a very interesting time for dub. On one side it looked like Joe Gibbs and Errol T had the edge with the more faster rockers rhythms. Tubby's always sounded better on the slower rhythm, but then along came King Jammys who seemed to like percussion driven dub. Yabby U roots productions were perfect material for this new dub mixing. The opening track 'Zambia' was actually one of the first tune to come out on Jammys label. Produced by Yabby U mixed by Jammys. A truly excellent 18 track set. All up to the usual high standard of Blood and Fire releases.