Yami Bolo

 Yami Bolo - Rebelution - Zion High Productions

Its so good to see Yami sticking to to task. He made up his mind about 10 years ago what kind of reggae artists he wanted to be - and he just makes it seem so easy. When its not. Creating 14 cultural songs and a production that lasts 74 minutes takes some doing - but he's done it. This album is a magnificent work recorded in the US, with people like Santa Davis Sky Juice and Bongo Herman it was then taken to Anchor Studio for mixing - the result is one of those albums that sounds 'International' but is still roots. Its a very rare thing - and its the kind of album that reggae music needs today. All these songs, comment on the world situation on a personal or a nation level. Its what's the music was always good at - and its truly great to Yami carrying on the tradition of the people like Jux songwise and Pablo production wise - Yami grew up around people like this and Sugar - now he's putting all that knowledge to great use.

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Yami Bolo - Healing Of The Nations - Roots Foundation

In the early eighties Yami, worked with Youth Promotion, Junior Delgado, Augustus Pablo and Niney. Yami's best album took a while to come though with. It was the 1991 one set for Leggo 'Up Life Street'. Now all these years later he's teamed up with Linval Thompson to record what sounds to me an even better set. This time using Roots Radics rhythms from the early eighties. Its Yami excellent lyrics that really make this album though. strictly roots and culture. Roots Foundation once again have another classic album - two out of two.

Yami Bolo - Up Life Street - Leggo - 1991

After indifferent albums for Junior Delgado, Augustus Pablo and Niney it was beginning to seem that Yami, as talented as he is, was not going to put together a good album. Thankfully and at long last the man who brought us 'Free Mandela' finally got it together. And the man who helped him was Trevor Douglas or Leggo. Who with a brand new studio, gave him all the time he needed to get it right, lyrically. Musically, he wraps him up in lots of lead guitar and synths over solid mainly steppers rhythms.