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Airhead Korea
Bakery Korea
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Bofors Korea
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Dunkirk Letter
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Kings Mills
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Pointon - Korea
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Ships 4 HT Poyang
Tank Regiment 1
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The Honey Bucket
War Damage Korea
War Damage Korea 2
Welsh Regt Pusan
Wesley House
Spare 2


W. Booker WW1
Medals Wanted

These pages are dedicated to Harold Davis Pointon who joined The Royal Army Chaplain's Department as a Chaplain to the Forces (CF4) on 22nd January 1940. This site is not political, it is simply a collection of photographs.
The pages consist of photographs taken (and usually developed) by the above named during the late 1940s and early 1950s. The locations are the Middle East in World War Two until 1948 in Palestine , Korean War and UK training establishments . National Service. Any description in text form is either taken from notes on the reverse of the photographs or from details in the picture. Text descriptions may be added for the benefit of search engines.
A search engine limited to this site only can be found below or on the links page. Please note that it shows all of the left column in the search results.

Reverend Pointonís Pictures

Stuart Brown 2002

Updated August 2004
Jerusalem area (1,2,3,)
Groups Korea ( 4 & 5)

19054155 Corporal Caffrey , Clerk of Works,
Royal Engineers.
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