Mysteries Concerning the City of Emrys

After having travelled in our 'bodies of light' with the other Seekers to the Etheric Caer of The Red Dragon of Albion, one of the members of our inner group asks Merlin "Is this not the fabled City of Emrys, the Ambrosial City?"

Merlin replies, "The city of which you speak is indeed a reality here on the Inner Planes, and is the lair of The Red Dragon. It is very ancient and eventually became the Retreat of Merlin, making that Retreat much older than the seven Etheric Caers of the Grail Guardians. Emrys, "The Ambrosial City", was once known as "The City of Higher Powers", and here is its story...............

"Once, very long ago in the era before The Christ became manifest upon the Earth, the Being you know as Taliesin the Bard, was born into a female form upon the Isle known to you as Anglesey, and which the Druids called Mona. The female child in which Taliesin reincarnated was named Mara which means "bitter sea". In those times a person's destiny was concealed within their name, as a name was only given to a child after the tribe's seer had sought it in meditation and trance.

From an early age. Mara exhibited strange gifts of foretelling which were a worry to her parents When she had reached her teens the clan's Wise Woman (known by a name which could only by translated into modern language as Mirth), took her under her wing and trained her as a Druid priestess of the ancient gods.

After a good few summers had passed, Mara had developed her psychic gifts to a high degree and was helping Mirth with many duties concerning the Clan, such as naming, herbal medicine, augury and midwifery. These tasks she would one day take over entirely by herself as Wise Woman of the Clan, and would then train a younger apprentice in her turn.

One night, Mara woke up terrified, having had the most startling prophetic dream. The dream was of an invasion of the Brythonic mainland of Britain by god-like beings bearing weapons made from a strange and cursed metal. She dreamt of tyranny and the brutal rape of the native peace-loving Children of the Goddess in all the Sacred Isles of Britain. Mara ran screaming to Mirth's tent and related all the dream to her. Mirth had known all along of Mara's destiny, and now that the younger woman was ready to understand The Mysteries, Mirth told Mara about a powerful God-being which had pledged since The Beginning of Time to guard the Land of the Hyperboreans, "The Land Beyond the North Wind". This God-Guardian of The Land of Albion would reappear in time of greatest need in order to save it's people. The God's name was Bran, he whose sacred tree is the Alder and whose sacred bird is The Wren.

Mara was told by Mirth to set out alone and travel to the great stone temple of the Druids upon Salisbury Plain (Stonehenge). Mirth sent Mara forth under magical protection for her arduous journey. Mirth knew that Mara was no human child, but a heavenly child sent to Earth from the Star of the Morning, by which name astronomers call The Planet Venus. This Child of The Morning Star, in previous incarnations was of The Golden Race, as was the God Bran. It was therefore only Mara, a member of his own godly Clan, who could summon him once again from the mists in this, Albion's time of greatest need.

Mara reached the stone temple of Stonehenge exhausted and collapsed there with weakness and hunger, losing consciousness. When she came round again she found that she was in a strange company who were taking care of her and feeding her back to strength. Mara was in the company of the Druids and Priests of the God Bran.

After some days had passed, Mara had become informed by the Druids of Stonehenge of her mission, and was told what was required of her. She was to be drugged with herbal potions, then taken to the stone temple of the ancients, there to access the Realm of the Immortals in trance. Having proven her identity to the Immortals as a Child of the Star of the Morning , the God Bran himself was sure to come into the Sacred Circle, and bring to Mara prophecies and knowledge which could help guard The Land of Albion and keep it from harm.

It was the June night of the Midsummer Solstice. Mara reeled and retched as the trance-inducing drug was given her by the Druid priests. Soon, she was astral-travelling on other planes of existence. She found herself in the presence of vast unfathomable spaces and strange beings. The Druids increased the pitch of their chanting within the stone temple, and Mara was taken in trance to a higher level still; until she reached that point on the Etheric Plane where all knowledge of Being-ness, Life and Creation is revealed to those who seek Truth in humility and sincerity. Mara knew in an instant the whole destiny of the world from The Beginning to The End of Time, and she saw her own bitter part in it; thus fulfilling the prophecy contained in her own name.

Mara now found her own self mystically merged with that of the God Bran. She became surrounded with great swirling mists and by a sea; upon which, as far as the eye could see, was advancing a fleet of ships from beyond The Ninth Wave towards the shores of Albion. Behind the ships a great sun was rising, which took form and advanced to a point before the fleet. Bran/Mara knew that this was Amathon ap Don, (The God of the Ash Tree) who had stolen from Bran the Secrets of the Letters in a past age. Bran knew that Amathon's people were a people who would take The Knowledge of the Ancients and tell it to the unworthy; who would eventually use it to conquer and over-ride the Children of the Goddess who lived in Albion, Alban and Cymry (England, Scotland and Wales), binding them to slavery in their home lands.

One day, the descendants of Amathon's People would spread far and wide throughout the World. They would also come to exploit the Earth, killing animals, making animal and plant species extinct, destroying the minerals, polluting the living waters and the air, killing the trees, and poisoning the land. The Ancient Knowledge of Letters and Writing stolen from the Gods would be used to tear apart the very fabric of Creation. Descendants of The Race of Amathon would one day even come to falsely use The Knowledge to mutate grotesque, unnatural and dangerous forms of Life by manipulating and changing the genetic codes decreed by The Creator. This would happen towards The End of an Aeon in the Great Cycle of Universal Time, when Humanity would come to in their arrogance to believe that they themselves were above The Creator and the Gods because they possessed The Knowledge, which they had taken from the Gods in falsehood at the beginning of the Aeon.

Mara was horrified by all the death and potential destruction for Albion, Humankind, Earth and all Her Creatures, which she saw in her vision of the future among the mists in the stone circle of Stonehenge. In her trance, in order to protect The Land of Albion, Bran then summoned the mists still farther and raised the sea of her vision into such a tumult that many of the invading ships she saw were destroyed and sunk. This action of Bran/Mara, however, was not enough to prevent the invasion of Albion which would eventually have such a deadly effect upon that Land.

Suddenly a shrill whining voice issued from one of the remaining ships, chanting:

"Sure hoofed is thy steed impelled by the spur;

The high sprigs of Alder are on thy shield;

Bran art thou called, of the glittering branches.

Sure hoofed is my steed in the day of battle:

The high sprigs of alder are in thy hand:

Bran thou art, by the branch thou bearest -

Amathaon the Good has prevailed." [5]

At this Bran was stricken to the heart and fell dead. He would later be taken back to deepest Annwn, The Land of the Dead, to be restored for eventual rebirth at The End of Time. Mara was now deeply unconscious within the circles of huge stones upon Salisbury Plain. Upon awakening, she found herself within a strange Etheric Palace, with pillars of marble and fountains of crystal-clear water. She was surrounded by inner gardens verdant with plants which were unfamiliar to her. Here she was tended by Otherworldly Beings, being fed upon ambrosia and given nectar to drink until her health was restored. She soon easily regained her strength in this magical place, which was within the World's Sphere, but strangely apart from it.

This place was the Etheric Palace and Ambrosial City of Emrys, created by the Good God Amathon, after Bran's death. Amathon had not sought the death of Bran. It had only come about because of the wickedness of the Druid magician Gwydion, who sang the Englyn.

Amathon's only intention was to bring the light of true civilisation to Earth and to further the advance of the Human Race. This is why he had stolen The Knowledge from Bran in the beginning, as Bran had deemed Humanity unfit to possess it. Bran believed that Humankind would not be able to responsibly use The Knowledge in safety, and would eventually come through their own greed to use it in ways which would endanger Planet Earth and destroy all the living things upon it. The wicked Druid Gwydion did pass on The Knowledge to unworthy humans, whose descendants in time would abuse and distort this Divine Gift of The Knowledge and endanger the Earth as Bran had prophesied.

Although recovered from the weakness induced by seeing the visions of doom in her trance state within Stonehenge, Mara was being held prisoner within the Ambrosial City of Emrys by Gwydion. He had already drugged her and forced her to prophesy for him for his future glory. Mara, however, had only been able to give him in truth such a black forecast of his future that he was greatly angered. He attacked her and then locked her in an iron cage until she would speak the "truth" to him which he wished to hear. Thus Mara's will was broken.

One night, when all had retired, Mara summoned from the depths of her being a magic drawn from memories of a distant age when Gods and Humankind had lived in harmony together. Using the training given to her by the Druid priestess Mirth, Mara changed her own bodily form into that of an eel. She could then slip easily through the bars of her iron cage and make her escape. Through torrential rain she found her way in eel-like form through mud on the surface of the ground, into streams and gullies until she reached the mighty River Severn. Entering its waters, she swam up this river until it was safe for her to come to shore and shape-shift back into her human form.

Eventually, after crossing the mountains of North Wales, Mara reached the safety of the sacred Isle of Anglesey off its North-West coast. The Druidess Mirth, having foreseen her homecoming by divination, had arranged a ceremony there for her arrival. As Mara arrived, there was a scene of great joy and welcoming. Mirth was declaiming in a high voice an ecstatic chant to celebrate Mara's victory and fulfilled destiny.

Mara told to Mirth the future events she had seen in trance, of the defeat of the God Bran and of the coming of a new race to the Sacred Isle of Albion. She lamented sorely as she prophesied that the Isle of Anglesey would soon to be taken over by the new race and that the native clans would be expelled from there.

Soon after her return to Anglesey, Mara died of a broken heart because she believed that she had failed to defend "The Honey Isle " from the coming evils that would culminate near to the end of time, according to her prophecy."

Thus ends Merlin's tale of The Cad Goddeu or the "Battle of Achren" , ("The Battle of the Trees") and of the founding of The City of Higher Powers, later known as Emrys or The Ambrosial City.


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