Part I

Mysteries Concerning The City of Emrys
Mysteries Concerning The Dragons of Albion
The Coming of The Sangreal and The Return of The Green Dragon of Erin

Part II

Each section shown below relates to a different Grail Guardian, and consists of three pages - 1) an introduction to the Grail Guardians as they appear in legend and literature, 2) a channeled Visualisation of the Etheric Caer of each Grail Guardian to be used as a guided meditation, and 3) a further meditation page with an Invocation and Affirmation to be used to bring about Earth Healing. Each section then returns to this page so that you, The Seeker, can then journey further on your Quest. Click on the images of the eclipse and crystals to go to each section as described :-

Taliesin, Guardian of the Ruby Grail and Keeper of the Red First Ray of Divine Will

Merlin, Guardian of the Sapphire Grail and Keeper of the Blue Second Ray of Divine Wisdom

Madoc, Guardian of the Citrine Grail and Keeper of the Yellow Third Ray of the Divine Holy Spirit

Ganeida, Guardian of the Topaz Grail and Keeper of the Orange Fourth Ray of Divine Perfection and Purity
Isolde, Guardian of the Emerald Grail and Keeper of the Green Fifth Ray of Divine Healing

Guinevere, Guardian of the Diamond Grail and Keeper of the Purple Sixth Ray of Divine Peace & Devotion

Morgan, Guardian of the Amethyst Grail and Keeper of the Violet Seventh Ray of Divine Knowledge

Magdalene, The Dark Madonna, who encompasses all the Seven Rays into The Holy and Healing White Light of Spirit


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