Joseph Aloysius Hansom (1803-1882)

The architect and inventor J. A. Hansom was born in York, and was apprenticed first in that town and then in Halifax, before setting up in partnership with Edward Welch in 1828. Hansom designed and built Birmingham Town Hall in a noble, classical Roman style, but the firm was bankrupted in the process. Hansom went on to lead a varied career, partnering a string of different architects, inventing the famous Hansom Cab, and founding the eminent architectural magazine The Builder.

Birmingham Town Hall, by Hansom and Welch

Apart from the Birminham Town Hall, Hansom was responsible for various churches, mainly Roman Catholic, of which in London St Mary's Priory Fulham Rd (1876) is an example. The museum building in Leicester - formerly a Baptist church - is another Classical Hansom building.

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