Thomas Dalziel (1823-1906) and Edward Dalziel (1817-1905)

In 1860, Thomas Dalziel joined the famous family firm of engravers, Dalziel Brothers. He was the fourth one to do so - the firm had been founded in 1839 by George and Edward Dalziel, and John Dalziel joined in 1852.

Thomas Dalziel made many book illustrations, at first in a style much influenced by John Gilbert, and later developing a more personal manner. Many of his designs are workmanlike rather than anything more inspired - it is hard to avoid the suspicion that they are there to increase the numbers of pictures in otherwise under-illustrated books. However, at his best he is far above his average, notably in his Pilgrim's Progress and The Arabian Nights.

His elder brother Edward Dalziel also drew, but rather less frequently. He made a very few illustrations for Jean Ingelow's Poems, for Dalziel's Arabian Nights, two for Willmott's Poems of the 19th Century and a few for other books, but produced almost nothing for the illustrated magazines.

Edward Dalziel had a son, E. G. Dalziel (1849-1888) who illustrated fairly widely, mainly in the 1870s. His work does not match that by the rest of the family.

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