Thomas Landseer ARA (1795-1880)

The eminent engraver Thomas Landseer, elder brother of Charles Landseer, and the more famous Edwin Landseer, studied under his father John Landseer ARA, and then under Haydon. His first work on copper was Study of the Head of a Sybill (1816) after Haydon. He engraved many of his brotherís paintings, including a series of prize animals, and Dignity and Impudence, Monarch of the Glen and Stag at Bay. Another notable work was after Rosa Bonheurís Horse Fair. Landseer built a strong reputation in mezzotint, and also engraved his own illustrations, including Characteristic Portraits of Animals (1829-31) with a particularly good Barbary Lion, and various big game scenes - some very lively, such as an ibex knocking a hunter off a mountain, a man clubbing a polar bear with the butt of his rifle, and a hippo biting a crocodile in half. He produced satirical etchings for Monkeyana published in 1827/8.

Landseer only exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1853, more frequently after 1857. He became ARA in 1868, and later wrote a two volume Life and Letters of William Bewick (1871).

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