Harry Furniss (1854-1925)

Harry Furniss.

The humorous illustrator and caricaturist Harry Furniss was born in Ireland to English parents, and showed an early interest in art, producing the Schoolboy's Punch while a child. He settled in London in 1873, without having any formal art training at all, and worked for some years as an illustrator with little success, before becoming a regular contributor to Punch at the start of the 1880s. In 1883 he was Special Artist for the Illustrated London News at the Chicago World Fair, and he became one of the most important caricaturists and satirists of the Victorian and Edwardian age. As well as his illustrations for Punch, the Illustrated London News, Cornhill and other magazines, he illustrated a range of books and also wrote and lectured on art.

At the General Post Office

Furniss's work may be found in much of the contemporary literature, and seems highly variable in quality, though at its best it is very good indeed.

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