Selwyn Image (1849-1930)

Selwyn Image was born in Sussex, and simultaneously pursued careers in design and the clergy. He studied at Oxford where he attended lectures by John Ruskin, who had a profound effect on the course of his art. Image became a curate, but resigned in 1882, thereafter concentrating entirely on illustration and design. Together with A. H. Mackmurdo he started the Century Guild. As well as book illustrations, he designed for embroidery, mosaics, sgraffito and stained glass, including windows for the Prince of Wales Pavilion at Paris 1900 Exhibition. From 1910-16 he was Professor of Fine Arts at Oxford.

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A decorative panel by Selwyn Image can be seen in the small art gallery next to the Castle Museum, Colchester, and in London, the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow has one or two examples of his designs on show. St. Luke's Church, Camberwell, has stained glass by Image, and we may also mention the archangels for Morthoe Church in Devon.

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