John Leighton FSA (1822-1912) (Luke Limner)

Headpiece from Once a Week

John Leighton was an illustrator and publisher based in London, and among a variety of other activities, was in charge of the committee collecting designs for industrial art for the Exhibition of 1862. He used the nom-de-plume 'Luke Limner' for some of his work. His illustrations, found in many books and periodicals of the 1860s-90s, are very varied in quality. Often workmanlike but nondescript, at their best they can be imaginative and show a good sense of contrast and composition.

Leighton was one of the first to study book plates, and encourage their collection, and in the early 1890s helped in the establishment of an Ex-Libris Society, of which he was the Vice-President. As a publisher, he produced a journal for the society called the Book-Plate Annual.

John Leighton was not related to either Lord Leighton or E. Blair Leighton.

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