Louis Fairfax Muckley (1862-1926)

A headpiece by Fairfax Muckley.

Louis Fairfax Muckley was of Worcestershire origins, his father being a glass engraver. He was one of those who, studying art in the Birmingham municipal school, became influenced by the work of Burne-Jones. He became a painter, and exhibited occasionally at the Royal Academy (5 pictures in all, between 1890 and 1914). As a member of the Arts and Crafts movement, he became involved in illuminating manuscripts, illustration of books (including Spenser's Faerie Queene) and, in the 1890s, magazines, and bookbinding. Fairfax Muckley's illustrative work at its best is typical of the Birmingham School, and his paintings tend to the symbolic and show a proclivity for rich drapery.

Fairfax Muckley's paintings surface only occasionally in exhibitions of Symbolism, Arts and Crafts and the like, but his decorative illustrative work may be found without too much difficulty in magazines of just before the turn of the century.

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