Great Portland Street and Portland Place

In Great Portland Street, close to the station, is the modern Portland Hospital. In a niche in the front wall is a modern sculpture Mother and Child (by David Norris, presumably dating from 1983, when the building was put up). The child is balanced on the motherís arm, and she leans far over to accommodate his weight, giving a dynamic feeling to the group. The faces lack somewhat, but a graceful effect is achieved. From the station, turning left along Marylebone Road brings one immediately to the entrance to Portland Crescent, an elegant collonaded Nash construction. Walking down the Crescent to the centre, is the beginning of Portland Place, and facing down it from the private gardens in the Crescent, is a statue of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, from the 1820s, a work of Sebastian Gahagan. In Portland Place itself is a bust of Lister (1922), on a high pedestal with bronze garnishes on the sides and a lifesize group of a woman and boy at the front. The figure and drapery of the woman is most graceful. The artist was Thomas Brock, and a foundry stamp notes that the work was cast by Morris Art Bronze Foundry, London SW8.

Further down the street are two further early 20th Century statues: an equestrian George Stuart White (1922) by John Tweed, and Quintin Hogg (founder of the Polytechnic Movement) by Frampton dating from 1906.

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